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Fritchman Winter Management, Inc. (FWMI) provides training, support, customization and integration of ProLaw® Software.  Some of the services offered by FWMI include data import and export, data conversion and mining, training, upgrades, updates and integration with other products.  FWMI has developed a tool, Scan Profiler, that will profile any image into ProLaw.  If you use eCopy® software, you can scan images directly into your ProLaw database with the FWMI ProLaw Connector for eCopy.

ProLaw Software provides case management, matter management, time and billing, conflicts management, contacts management, document assembly, general ledger and financial reporting, and relationship management in a fully integrated package.

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The FWMI ProLaw discussion group is an unmoderated group used to exchange information and tips about Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect Suite, ProLaw software and other applications generally used in a law firm. Please feel free to make use of the Chat, Files, Photos, Links, Database, Polls, Members and Calendar options. This group is provided as a service of Fritchman Winter Management, Inc. and as such is not affiliated with Microsoft, Corel, ProLaw nor Thomson Elite.
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Last Updated: October 9, 2012

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