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Jerry Fritchman has been working in the legal environment since 1980, and specializes in ProLaw training.  From Receptionist to Help Desk, IT Department to Office Administrator, Jerry has held a variety of positions in different law firms, and has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of a legal practice.   She was certified by Thomson Elite Reuters as a ProLaw Database Administrator, and she has undergone extensive training and testing on the ProLaw application.

In October, 2005, Jerry completed a week long training session and Certification testing on Thomson Elite's ProLaw v11 series.  This version has a substantially different look and feel than v9 and previous versions, and only runs on Microsoft's SQL Server engine.  In November 2009, Jerry completed her ProLaw Alliance Program Certification Testing and renewed as a ProLaw Certified Partner through Thomson Reuters™.  In June 2012 Jerry and Ed received training on ProLaw XII releases that utilize Microsoft's SSRS Report Server.  2012 also rings in yet another change in the name and rank of ProLaw, which is now under the brand of Thomson Elite.  FWMI has decided not to renew it's partnership with Elite, but continues to do expert work on any version of ProLaw databases.

Fritchman Winter Management, Inc. specializes in training, customization, integration, troubleshooting and support of ProLaw, both on older Sybase engines and on Microsoft SQL Server.  They have even developed a solution for scanning images directly into your ProLaw database.  FWMI is striving to be your authority for law firm management.

Meet Ed Cox, Scanning Expert

ed@fritchmanwinter.com specializes in Scanning to ProLaw


Ed is a retired US-Navy Chief Petty Officer whose twenty year career in anti-submarine warfare gave him an extensive knowledge of computing technology.  

After leaving the Navy in 1995 he joined Dell Inc. in Round Rock, Texas as a technician handling support calls and shortly thereafter was promoted to manager over their software support group.  He was selected to spearhead call center operations startup in Nashville, Tennessee where he was promoted to second level manager and oversaw Early Life Support for Dimension products.

He joined Fritchman Winter Management Inc. in September of 2008 and is responsible for installation, support and training for the Scan Profiler application and the eCopy partnership. Ed has also become expert in Document Assembly and ProLaw Document Type Templates, as well as Contact Management and Marketing utilizing ProLaw with Constant Contact™ and Mail Chimp™.

He resides in Seguin, Texas.I

Expert Trainers and Scanning Professionals

We offer online ProLaw training for any version of ProLaw. From Front Office to Back Office, we know the ropes. We also offer an easy solution to profiling directly into your ProLaw database. Ask us about our Stand Alone Scan Profiler

Scanning Solutions

Stand Alone Scan Profiler

PLConnector for eCopy Sharescan Scan Station

FWMI Stand Alone Scan Profiler for ProLaw (pdf)


FWMI ProLaw Connector for eCopy ShareScan OP (pdf)


Retail Price List for the Stand Alone Scan Profiler rev 2017 (pdf)


Retail Price List for the FWMI PLConnector for eCopy rev 2017 (pdf)


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